8 Principles from 1 Samuel 3

by Matt Williams on March 17, 2021

8 Principles from 1st Samuel Three


  1. God is sovereign and has the power to bring low and exalt.
  2. God can use anyone who has the character and humility to listen and trust in Him.
  3. Those who worship God must do so in purity.
  4. God may tolerate sin for a season, but if not repented of, will result in shame and discipline.
  5. Eli’s sons were responsible for their own sins despite their father’s neglect to restrain them.
  6. Fathers hold a unique place of leadership in the family.
  7. The reality that God has appointed the man to be the spiritual leader of the family points to the higher reality that Jesus is the head of His Church.
  8. Godly leadership blesses its people. Ungodly leadership hurts its people.


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