Membership Information


God has designed maturity in Christ to happen through the local church. The Bible says, "There are many parts, yet one body" (1 Corinthians 12:20). The term "membership" comes from the metaphor of the body that Paul uses to describe a Church.

We're so excited you're interested in learning more about who we are and joining the family!

new member class

This is where you will learn about our church and prayerfully consider whether God is leading you to join.

New Member's Class Access


During this interview the pastors will ask you questions about your commitment to Jesus and your possible need to be baptized.

congregational affirmation

After you receive the support from the pastors you will be presented to the church family at the end of a Sunday service where a pastor will 1) inform the church that you have completed all steps necessary to join, 2) express the pastors recommendation for your membership to the congregation, and 3) ask the church family to receive your membership and commit themselves to your spiritual good.