Daniel Young

Minister of Worship

Office: (937) 878-8629

I was born in Frederick, Maryland, two days before Thanksgiving 1985. From birth my parents raised me to love and serve the Lord.  At the age of four I realized I was a sinner and deserved hell.  So one day as I was riding home in the car with my mom, I prayed and asked Christ to forgive my sins.  I received Him as my Savior and Lord, and from that point I began to follow Him.  By the age of six I was interested in being baptized.  I remember the pastor from our church coming over to our house.  He asked me about my understanding of salvation and why I wanted to be baptized.  I told him I was a sinner and had already asked Christ to enter my heart and to wash away my sin.  I made a decision to receive Him, and I wanted to be baptized to let everyone know about my decision.  I satisfied all the pastor’s questions, so he baptized me.

 Over time I matured in every way – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  When I got to college, I had a professor who challenged many beliefs that I held growing up.  The professor debated some topic every week, and he supported his position by using examples from Scripture that I didn’t recognize.  I was embarrassed to say I believed the Bible, but I didn’t know the examples my professor was using half of the time.  So I decided the only thing to do was to read the Bible from cover to cover, and I found that the Word of Life really does have life-giving power.  Through reading the Bible, I came to relate personally to Jesus Christ through the Spirit who sustains the joyfulness of my spirit every day.  Now I can attest through my own experience, the Bible is relevant in my life.

Just as a person becomes more like the friends he hangs around with, I am becoming more like Christ as I read the Holy Bible.  As I engage with eternal truth, I tend to count the temporary treasures in this world as inconsequential.  Romans 12:2 reminds me, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.”

Since 2013 I have served on staff at First Baptist Church of Fairborn, Ohio. I married my beautiful wife Nikki in 2017.  We have two beautiful girls, Hope and Zoe.

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