Community GRoups

What are Community Groups?

We are glad you asked!  A Community Group is:

  • Peer Based
  • Evangelistically Driven
  • Community Oriented
  • Outward Focused

While Community Groups meet in homes initially, the heart of it is to prepare ourselves to be sent out into the community.

How do Community Groups differ from Discipleship Classes?

Community Groups

Discipleship Classes

  • Initially meets in people's home and out in the community any time of the week

  • Meet at the Church on Sunday Mornings

  • Peer- based
  • Follows a Titus 2 model of mixed generations
  • Evangelistic in nature as we share the gospel with the community
  • Studies the Word together

What Community Groups are Offered?

Another great question! Currently, our church is offering three Community Groups that are available for you to join. 

This group is for those who have graduated college, single or married, and not yet in the stage of having children.

This group is for parents with young children.

This group is for those who are now empty nesters.  

To find out more information about these groups, or if you would like to join one, please contact the church office at . Or call the church office at (937( 878-8629.