You can help offset costs.

You can give donations for uniform, books, dues, and supplies  scholarships.  Scholarships are available for children that need them to purchase uniforms and handbooks or pay dues.  The uniform
for Cubbies and Sparks is a vest which costs $8.65 for Cubbies and $9.95 for Sparks.  The T&T uniform is a T-Shirt which costs about $12.50.  We ask parents to  contribute at least $20.00 per club year toward the cost of the uniforms, books, awards, Awana Store, supplies, and snacks.  The maximum contribution for families with  more than two clubbers will be $40.00 per club year.

Note: All FBCF Awana directors,  leaders, leaders-in-training, secretaries, and workers are expected to pay  their weekly dues and the cost of their uniform shirts.